Monday, November 26, 2007

My Christmas Wish List

I usually have no idea what I want for Christmas. But, this year I handed Josh a list, even though he has done GREAT every other year, without one! Here is what I've asked for so far....

1. Black and Decker Scumbuster
2. Day planner
3. Deceptively Delicious cookbook
4. Real Simple magazine subscription
5. Coffee maker w/ thermal caraffe...ours is a hotel-sized 4-cup coffee maker that drips every time you remove the pot and scorches the remaining coffee...yuck!
6. Yankee candle
7. Clothes
8. Bath and Body Works Jasmine Vanilla lotion

I can justify my selfishness with the fact that "I'm just trying to make our house run more smoothly!" These are all the things a housewife needs...right?!?


Hannah said...

I don't think you are asking too much :-)

RachelSoper said...

I love my scumbuster...and I have the deceptively delicious cookbook. I haven't used it yet...thanks Luke!...but I can tell I love it all ready. It's regular recipes that real people would eat...and real KIDS would eat. You'll love it.

Kara Scharrer said...

What is a Scumbuster? I like your list!

Aubrey said...

Here's the's basically an electric tub, tile, grout, etc. cleaner /scrubber with rotating bristles and scouring pads! It saves on the elbow grease!