Sunday, November 4, 2007

Life is flying by....

Caution: This blog entry may bore you to death, but then again, this is my life, as boring as it may be!

We had a fun and busy weekend. Josh will be celebrating his 26th birthday on the 19th. So, everyday, starting November 1st, I have been surprising him with mini birthday gifts/activities. Yesterday I took him to Full Cup for breakfast. It was fun to sleep in a bit and get out for breakfast, do some shopping and go to the bookstore. We had a crazy week, so it was great to just enjoy the beautiful fall day. After that, I went home and baked 4 dozen cupcakes for a baby shower and got things (decor, dishes, etc) ready for that. We caught an early movie and then went for dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise! It was very yummy! We ran to Jessica's after that to drop off all of the shower food, decor, chairs, etc. and got that all set up. Back at home, I made a chocolate silk pie for Sunday night, while watching SNL. It was a full day, but a great day, because I actually got some time with Josh!

This morning we were up on time and were going to be early to church, but then my blow dryer decided to go out. So, Josh ran to Walgreens and bought me a new blow dryer and luckily we did make it on time to church. We almost thought we would have to skip...heaven forbid me go to church with wet hair! We were the monitors for "toddle time" during second service and it was fun. The 2 year olds are so cute!! They were very calm and quiet. I was actually quite surprised! We grabbed a 20 minute lunch after church with John and Jessica and then headed to Jessica's to get ready for the shower. The shower turned out really cute and was fun! After that I came home, changed clothes and went to small group. Now I'm finally home and blogging and relaxing.

I will say that time really is flying by! To think that we're already on the 4th day of November is crazy!!!