Friday, November 9, 2007

Oh, it gets worse!

Okay, so I felt bad about the cell phone. Thanks to Josh, it is now taken care of! I got a cute red one WITH a leather protective case AND insurance! Hopefully that will help! Also, my teacher retirement check came in the mail today, too, which helped with the guilt factor.

But.....I feel guilty today again. Much MORE guilty than yesterday. Why? Because I bit a beautiful and precious 4 month old's finger:( While babysitting today, I was playing on the floor with the baby and talking to her and was in her face talking and smiling and she stuck her finger in my mouth, without me realizing, and I bit down while talking. Poor baby, she was VERY upset with me and it made me a little teary too, because I felt ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! Thankfully there were no marks, it wasn't red and it wasn't bleeding! I think if anything I scared her terribly, because I gasped when I realized what happened and I freaked out!

Sorry, baby Aidan!!!!! I promise not to bite you again!!

So, if anyone is looking for a babysitter, you know who to call! I bite...FREE OF CHARGE!!!


Dara said...

She has already had her head bonked twice this week by her Mom and Dad, so don't worry.

Rusty & Onawa Linden said...

I've actaully done this like 3 times to my nephew on accident too! Haven't bit Evey yet though! :)