Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm back!

My MESSY kitchen (worse than the pictures capture)

while working on my orders.

Church Christmas banquet-Friday Night

Gran came in town and we had a family dinner on Thursday night. She got to hold Viv for the first time!

Babysitting Viv on Sunday night
Vivian's Baby Dedication at church-Sunday night
(she looked SOO cute!!)

It's been a crazy week! Rather than go on and on about the week, I'll just hit on a few highlights and post pics.
My business and new website (Blessings and Bows) kept me extra busy this week with several holiday orders to fill. It was fun, but time consuming.
Sunday was Vivian's baby dedication at church and we got to babysit her Sunday, too! Monday was chorus practice, Tuesday was school, Wednesday I taught class at church and had chorus practice, Thursday was school and family dinner with my grandmother, Friday I kept Aidan and performed at our church's Christmas banquet, and today we had a chorus performance in Guthrie. I took a 4 hour nap this afternoon and am feeling revived!!
I hope to post more often now! Enjoy my "week in pictures".
By the way, you'll be pleased to know that my kitchen is now cleaned up:)