Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Tid-Bits in Reverse Order

Today's crafting adventures.....shirt, bib and trick-or-treat bag for M.

Saturday's Crescent Cinnamon Rolls (crescent rolls, butter, sugar and cinnamon)...easy-peasy!
Lazy Saturday with M in Daddy's sweatshirt.
When I get M out of bed from her nap, she always tries to give me her stuffed animal. She always points and says "that."
Celebrating M's current Gotcha Day (September 17th) with dinner at Qdoba...she just had tortillas.

The morning of Gotcha Day before leaving for school. Since it was her special day, she got to celebrate by playing with the forbidden remote!



Kayla said...

Cute halloween stuff!

Alyssa said...

You are so creative and crafty! Love it! And I should warn you about remote playing...our Katie has thrown away 2 now. I know you are surprised!

Kara Scharrer said...

First of all, you are so creative. Second of all, I'm laughing my booty off about two things. (1) That M tries to give you the stuffed animal every time you get her up, and (2) "the forbidden remote." HA! Love it - all of it.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, I'm gonna need to submit an order for a shirt. I think Colt and Anna jane need matching ones for school.

Shelly said...

Very Cute! Mark hand me everythin out of his crib when he gets up too