Friday, September 25, 2009

13 months and playgroup

Pics from Thursday: The only blog-able pic I have for her 13 month photo session.
Playing in Mommy's classroom before school.
Looking at the Rhino at the zoo while finishing up some lunch.
With her new friend, T. He is such a cutie pie!!

Tuesday, M turned 13 months! To celebrate she got to go the doctor and get on antibiotics for a bad ear infection. We stayed home and in pjs for 2 days, so her 13 month picture was taken a few days later. M is really starting to learn what she loves and what she definitely doesn't! She definitely is ALL girl and knows what she wants!

M is still a little one. Tuesday she weighed in (with clothes on) at a whopping 18 lbs 1oz!

-giving kisses
-playing around older little girls...she gets so excited
-Baby Einstein videos
-bananas, grapes, wheat crackers, black beans, yogurt, wheat bread, MumMums, oatmeal cereal
-music/trying to sing
-she goes through phases with words, but her favorites right now are: diaper, dog, Dadda, Mom-Mom, that (says "that" all day long as she points to things),
-brushing her teeth
-turning on lights, closing doors
-looking out the window
-pulling up on everything
-refrigerator magnets
-Bible class/Sonshine School
-being around other kids
-zoo (fish and gorillas are her faves)
-frozen yogurt trips with Daddy
-Mommy's oatmeal cookies

-getting her diaper changed
-waiting for her food to be made
-vegetables that aren't pureed
-going to the doctor (this is a new one)
-concert type things (loud noises in the dark)
-leaving her food on her tray
-getting her hair rinsed in the bath tub
-being put in her carseat
-getting her face wiped

After school on Thursday, we went to our Kaleidoscope Kids (transracial) playgroup at the zoo and had lots of fun with the other moms and kiddos!



Molly said...

I love your precious family and am so blessed to have you in our lives. So good to see you on Thursday! I loved seeing M's pants in that one picture, because Sadie's are always too big around the belly. Sadie is now a full pound bigger than M! That's crazy, huh? They were so close there for so long!

Those cookies look did they turn out?

Chassidy said...

What sweet pictures!! Had so much fun last week! I LOVE your blog...I'm always looking for yummy new foods to try :)