Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hard to believe

One year ago, today, September 16th, 2008, I got a phone call. I had no idea this phone call would change my life forever!

My social worker called and said that there were two babies available for us to foster. She described both of the little baby girls and they both sounded just perfect, although I knew nothing other than names, races, birth dates and a little of their family backgrounds.

She asked me to choose the one I wanted, but how can you possibly choose one baby over another...seriously!! I easily could have said, just let me come pick up both of them! But, that wasn't going to work. So, I told her about how over the past few months deep down I kept feeling that for some reason we were going to have a black baby girl. I had told my mom and Josh about it several times. I didn't at all know where that came from. It wasn't anything I had thought about at all, until last summer. So odd that I had specifically thought that. After I told my worker that, I let her choose our baby for us. The other foster mom was open, to either baby, too. So, the social worker gave us our little M, and the other mother her precious S.

We were called mid-morning on September 16th and told that we would be meeting our foster daughter later in the afternoon, as soon as everything got arranged. I had butterflies in my stomach, called and emailed close friends and family, started going around the house like crazy, making sure everything was good to go. We were going to have a little 3 1/2 week old baby girl in just a matter of hours!!! We ended up getting a call that we would have to get her on the 17th, instead at 1:30 in the afternoon. So, instead of picking up our little baby, we had to occupy our busy and excited minds with preparing for our new little one by buying her a few clothes, putting away the boy clothes and making the girl clothes front and center! I also had to make sure I had bows, just in case M had hair! I remember getting very little sleep, but not caring a bit. I just couldn't wait to meet the little baby girl that we would be caring for, "for a few months."

Reflecting on this today, I feel those same emotions that I did one year ago. A year ago I had no idea what God was going to do with our journey of miscarriage, infertility, and foster care. WOW! He is truly amazing!! It is so hard to believe how quickly this year has gone and how big my little baby girl is! I can't wait to write about tomorrow, the day we met little M!



Emily said...

Can't imagine her anywhere else! Love you!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I love your story! M is so blessed to have truly self-less parents like you and Josh! I know I am blessed to have you as a friend!

Melodie said...

i love reflecting on where God has taken us. and I love that God gave you a little glimpse of what your family would look like before it ever came to be. i will miss you and M.

Kara Scharrer said...

It was so fun to read the story of "the call". I'm looking forward to hearing about tomorrow.

You and Josh have truly been blessed - and baby M has truly blessed your life! :D

Molly said...

I love hearing this story. How incredible that God was preparing your heart for M before you even knew it. I believe he did the same for us too. Can't wait to read tomorrow's post!

Janell said...

It is amazing to look back on the past year and see the road that God has chosen for us! I'm so glad you got baby M and glad that we've had baby A and our baby M now! Fostering has been such a blessing hasn't it?

Lesley said...

lov ehearing the story! I can not wait to hear more!!!