Tuesday, October 2, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things....

I have a few new favorite things that I've discovered lately:

Harry and David's Dark Chocolate Maltballs!!!

These are SOOOO good!!! I am following in my mother's footsteps and really loving dark chocolate! I found these on clearance today at Target (no, they weren't expired) and they were wonderful!!! I've had at least 8 so far....I keep craving more! The chocolate on these is very good and very thickly coating the malted center, which is also perfect! YUMM-O!!! Now I'm just hoping they don't discontinue these!

Bandaid's Blister Block

I am constantly buying cheap shoes that are cute, but VERY uncomfortable and always getting horrible blisters. Not anymore!!! Thanks to this product, which is like a miniature deoderant stick you can carry in your purse, I no longer get blisters from my cute ballet flats! YAY!!

Starbuck's bottled Frappucinos

I no longer have to put cream and sugar in my coffee, because I just dump 1/2 a bottle of mocha frappucino into my hot coffee and my coffee is now perfectly sweetened, creamy and not so hot!

Oil of Olay Daily Regenerist Face Wash

I am trying to get my skin back in shape, and this cleanser is perfect! It exfoliates, cleanses and leaves your skin very soft! I love this product! Even my mom and sister-in-law use it, or at least they have in the past!

Target's Apricot Scrub

For $2.09, you can get gentle exfoliation! I bought the kind for blemish-prone skin. I love using it in the shower and it's gentle enough to use every day! How can you beat a $2 product?!?

Vitamin Water

I've been trying to stop my coke addiction and so far I'm surviving! I still will have the occasional Coke, but now, thanks to these Glaceau Vitamin Waters, I don't even crave cokes very often! They come in many great flavors like strawberry-kiwi, fruit punch, blueberry-pomegranate, orange and more! I have actually made it the entire first month of school without caving in and getting a coke, thanks to these waters that last me all afternoon, due to the size. Yes, they still have calories, but they aren't nearly as addictive. And, I'm getting vitamins....that counts, right?!?


Dara said...

I heart Oil of Olay. It's the best.

Emily said...

I heart anything Harry and David. They have the world's best dip. Unfortunately you have to order it.

Aubrey said...

I'll have to try the dip! What kind is it?? Sadly, I think this is my first Harry and David experience!

Lindsay said...

Where do you get the bandaid stick? That is exactly what I need!!

Aubrey said...

Target has it and I'm sure that Wal-mart does, too. It's GREAT!!! It was $5.99 at Target, but well worth it! You can find it by the bandaids.

Mandy said...

Oh I still use the Regenerist face wash and moisturizer and night cream. It's so good!

Aubrey said...

I need to try the moisturizer and night cream! You're the one that got me hooked on the face wash a year or two ago and I forgot about it until recently!

Dara said...

I just tried that Vitamin water and I love it!