Monday, October 1, 2007

Nice and Sweaty!

Josh and I just got back from our kickboxing class. It's really fun, but very intense! It was nice tonight because we basically got a free 1 hour personal training session, since we were the only ones to show up! We try to go every Monday night. It's something fun we can do together and he (the trainer) pushes us much further than we would push ourselves in our other weekly workout sessions.

On another note, one of the great perks to working part time right now is the ability to have more time to help my family and spend valuable time with them. Last Wednesday I was able to drive Gran with my mom to Enid. It gave me the opportunity to visit with my grandmother and have lunch with her. It was also fun to do a mini roadtrip with my mom, which we rarely do! Today I was able to spend the afternoon taking Grandma to the doctor here in OKC with my mom and aunt. Once again, I was able to spend some valuable time with my family. I don't get to see my grandmothers very often, so I was so fortunate to have my days free to be with them.

While I don't mind working at all, I love the opportunities my "new life" is allowing me! I can now spend time lunching with friends, spending time with family, and I can be a better and more attentive wife! I thank God every day for my "new life". I am so much happier and less stressed now than I have been in our 3 plus years of marriage. Thank you, Josh for allowing me to quit my full-time teaching job to teach pre-k twice a week, keep babies and be a wife! You are AMAZING!!! Also, thanks for letting me drag you to the kickboxing classes! Speaking of....I've GOT to hit the shower!!!