Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Fall Break to Me!

Pictures of wedding gifts yet to be opened that are
now in the "baby's room"!

Tonight's dessert...yum!

Well, here's what my fall break looked like today:

8:00 alarm goes off-hit snooze

8:15 get out of bed/start coffee brewing

8:20 hop in the shower/get dressed

8:40 make cinnamon rolls for Josh and his old college buddy who spent the night last night

8:50 finish getting ready

9:00 take cinnamon rolls out and serve

9:15 guys leave for OC, where Josh taught today; eat my cinnamon rolls, clean up breakfast dishes, load dishwasher

9:45 re-clean house, start two loads of laundry

10:00 go to Target to shop for chocolates for school auction basket

10:30 got to Hobby Lobby to shop for school auction basket

11:00 go to Mimi's Cafe to p/up gift certificates for school auction

11:15 get home, unload car, heat up bowl of leftover chicken enchillada soup

11:30 clean up kitchen, get grungy clothes to take to my mom's, start another load of laundry, check email

12:30 leave for Edmond errands-p/up donations-gift certificates at Goldies and painting at art gallery

1:00 get to Mom's and start cleaning out my closet, bathroom, bedroom and garage w/ all of my old stuff from when I was a kid AND all of my wedding gifts that we have yet to use!

2:00 take a load of old junk to the thrift store; do more cleaning out/loading up

3:30 realize there still is tons of junk and the old antique furniture that I had planned on taking to my house is disgusting, so we make another trip to the thrift store w/my Mom's SUV filled completely

5:00 finally done sorting, cleaning and loading...head to my house

5:30 finsh unloading massive amount of wedding gifts into the "baby's room" ; check email

6:00 start cooking dinner (grilled chicken...thanks Josh!, roasted veggies, salad w/ homemade dressing, grapes, garlic bread)

6:30 start eating:)

7:00 eat leftover apple pie (a la mode, of course)!

7:30 Josh is good and heads to the gym, Aubrey is tired from manual labor today and decides to blog and take a hot bath instead:)

Now, doesn't that all sound like so much fun?!?!?

I will say that I'm VERY excited about all of the serving pieces that I get to use 31/2 years later!!! It felt like Christmas everytime we dug another gift out of the giant box in the garage! Yay for great wedding gifts!!!!


AM said...

Hey Aubrey,
Do you have any good crock pot recipes?

Aubrey said...

Hey! I was just talking to your sis-in-law about you yesterday! She said you're keeping VERY busy!! I'd love to see you sometime! I'll post my mother-in-law's sour cream chicken enchillada's very easy and tasty!