Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The past month

Josh and I were able to get out of town by ourselves a few weekends ago! Mariah stayed for the first time at Poppy and YaYa's house overnight! Josh and I went to Frisco to shop, EAT and relax! We had a great time and will have to go again soon!!

Since I'm basically just updating every few weeks or once a month or something, here are pics from Mariah's baby shower, her 18 month birthday and several of her new tricks!

On Valentine's Day, Mariah was given a WONDERFUL baby shower!! We had so much fun!!! Mariah had a blast playing with her grandmothers, playing with the other kiddos there and stealing chocolate off of the plates of several of the women:)

Once again, a HUGE thanks to my friend and co-teacher, Chiara, for volunteering to take professional pics at Mariah's shower!! I can't tell you how much more fun it is when you don't have to worry about remembering to take pictures! It was so nice to get pictures of people that I never even got to see:) Thank you, Chiara!!

We are so overwhelmed by the support we have gotten from our church family, family and friends! Their generosity and thoughtfulness has just been over the top! I spent the entire shower opening presents for Mariah. Even almost a month later, she is still getting gifts! We appreciate everyone for loving Mariah and automatically accepting her as "ours" before it was even official!!
The "Lucy" doll from sweet Haley! On a shopping trip to Pottery Barn Kids with my friends, I spotted this sweet doll named Lucy and it was a brown baby! I was showing the girls and crying because it was so sweet! Perfect for my Mariah Lucy! I had planned to get it for Mariah later on, but Haley surprised me with it at the shower! She also surprised me with this adorable pillow that she made for Mariah's crib! It matches perfectly!!!!

Loving on her doll from Chiara!
The beautiful table filled with yummy cookies and other goodies!!

Helping Mommy open presents!
A few of the wonderful handmade gifts!! Hooded "Mariah" towel by Sada and beautiful quilt with yummy fabrics by Jane!

Playing with YaYa!
Reading with Nan Nan!


Mariah and Mariah:)

All three cousins! I love these sweet girls!!
Aunt Mandy!
DADDY!! Thankful he came to help load gifts!!
Me and my momma!!

The precious hostesses (minus two)! What a fabulous job they did with the shower!! They are each so sweet!!
Mariah's new crib from YaYa and Poppy, new GIRLY bedding I got on clearance (had to make sure I had something with red) and room rearrangement!
Looks like we're ready for baby #2!!!! We will be adding a new foster baby to our family sometime this spring/summer! Just as soon as the funding is in for the foster program at Christian Services of Oklahoma! We are so excited and can't wait to see what blessing God sends our way!! The race and gender will be a surprise! So fun to see what God has in His plans!! We have been praying hard, specifically that God prepares each of our hearts to love this baby like our own and yet be prepared for it to return back home eventually, if that is the plan. We look forward to giving another precious baby a temporary home.

18 months!!! February 22nd, Mariah turned 1 1/2! I must say, 18 months is my very favorite so far! Mariah has been so much fun! She sings actual songs, she has "conversations" with me, and she really has such a fun sense of humor! She has also really started hugging and kissing much more, which I just love!! It really has been a blast so far! It's fun to watch her do "big girl" stuff and actually really enjoy it! I took her for her 18 month checkup today and she is doing great! He said she is just tall and skinny!! She is 20lbs exactly and is 31 1/2 inches tall!

Getting ready to kiss Mommy:)(
Yesterday I broke out the camera and had to take some pics and video of my funny girl! She had me laughing with several of her new tricks! (dancing above)
She loves to climb and stand in chairs (even though the standing up is not allowed:))

Her ballet pose!
Her cartwheel!
Her other version of her "cartwheel!" She does one of these two poses whenever I say "cartwheel!" Too funny!!!



Amy in Edmond said...

Jemma and I will miss teaching Mariah's class. We had a lot of fun.

Kristy said...

Wow it is so amazing how you can read family's stories and feel connected without evn really knowing them. I'm now ready to foster again after almost 2 years of not having my own placement since the adoption of our first foster baby Aaron. We have done a lot of respite and now it's time God has called to dive back in, it has taken a lot of time dealing with my feelings of knowing that I will bond and love my babies but they might not stay whoa thats a huge loss but I'm lenaing on God to get me through that one and just use me as he has planned. Mariah is gorgeous!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I am sorry I missed her shower. We have been so disconnected with sickness and cranky kids lately. I love the pictures of her dancing and exercising. Looks like she is doing a down dog in one of them!

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