Monday, December 29, 2008

Immunizations: A love/hate relationship

M had her 4 month immunizations today. I always hate these! She screamed and cried and made me tear-up, of course. But, she did well and was smiling before I even got her in her carseat. But, you can definitely tell she's not herself. She is so lethargic and after being rocked for only a few minutes, lunges as if to say "please put me down" so I can sleep. And, that is exactly what she has done. From 3:00 until 10:45 tonight, I think she has only been awake for an hour, and that was just to eat, etc. I actually had to wake her up a few minutes ago to feed her so that she'd sleep through the night, but she only took 2 of her normal 6 sad!

Although it is so sad to see her so lethargic, etc., I will say that immunization days allow me to get so much done! Tonight while M slept and Josh went to the Thunder game with my dad, I was able to take down all of my Xmas decor, rearrange the living room furniture, dust, clean bathrooms, do dishes, laundry, and vacuum half of the house. This was a MUCH needed quiet evening.

M should be back to herself tomorrow. Thankfully she's still smiling through it all! Today her stats were all pretty much on the 50th percentile, except for weight, which was between 25 and 50! She weighed 12lbs 9.9oz and was 24 1/4 inches long. At her 2 month appt she weighed 9lbs 13oz and was 22 inches long. Now we get to start rice cereal! She's growing too fast!!!!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Four Christmases...our version

Our Christmas dinner on Monday night: pan-seared steaks, mashed potatoes, green beans and crescent rolls
dessert: triple chocolate bundt cakes with whipped cream and mixed berry sauce
Christmas at Pa Pa Stanz and Nan Nan's
Christmas at Poppi and Ya-Ya's
Lights in Wichita Falls, TX. We took our pic in front of this when I went home with Josh for the first time, 7 years ago. I'll have to find that pic later. We bundled M up with a hat and mittens, so she enjoyed looking at all of the light displays!

We had 4 wonderful Christmas celebrations this year! Josh and I enjoyed our Christmas on Monday night with a yummy dinner, gifts, dessert and then drove around with peppermint mochas while we looked at Christmas lights and listened to our new CDs! Our Christmas celebrations were all wonderful with great family, food and thoughtful gifts! We enjoyed introducing M to some of our family and M enjoyed getting spoiled rotten by her grandparents and many others!!! I need to work on getting more pics of M that I can actually post. We have so many wonderful pics, but these are the only ones I can post. Hope you had a very merry Christmas!!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A NEW Post...finally!

Christmas Tree....I purchased a small one on clearance at Hobby Lobby before we got married, since I knew we'd be apartment dwellers. I'm glad to have such a small one! It fits almost anywhere! I made garland last year after Christmas out of ribbon to make a chain link type of thing. I stored it to use for the first time this year.

M's little Christmas tree covered in ladybugs
M LOVES stuffed animals!
M's precious little feet

One of our attempts to get a pic of M in her hilarious "Santa" hat from Ya-Ya
Blurry pic of Christmas tree in kitchen, covered with cookie cutters
Mantle with THREE stockings this year!!! Truly a blessing!!! We LOVE having M with us this Christmas!
Dining Room Mirror
Dining Room

Pa Pa Stanz reading a Thanksgiving story

Apparently a few of you are getting sick of seeing the same post for nearly a month! SURPRISE!! I'm back! I am going to TRY to be better!

When it's been a whole month, where do you begin? I'm thinking I'll just do a re-cap over the next week or two and *hopefully* catch back up!

Since my "thankful" post, we have had a great Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's and decorated for Christmas, to name just a few things. I have few pics of M that I can actually post. So, I've posted the ones that don't actually show her face.

In case I can't hop on tomorrow, have a VERY Merry Christmas!!

Coming Up:
-Home office makeover for about $15
-Christmas celebrations
-Cheap and easy meal ideas
-Handmade Christmas gifts
-M's 4 months old
-Christmas dinner