Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mary "Lucy" Stansberry (with Mariah Lucy)
March 27, 1919-April 28, 2010

This beautiful woman went to be with Jesus today. I can't even describe how much she will be missed. I have so many incredible memories of her. We've known this day was coming for several months and she has fought such a hard fight. But, I still wasn't prepared to lose such an amazing lady. I am having a hard time grasping that I will never see her again. She was such an integral part of my whole life. I am so thankful she was able to go home in peace. I will forever miss my sweet Grandma! I love Lucy!!!

Here is a re-post from when we first found out:

Tonight I have thoughts and prayers for this beautiful Christian lady, I am so lucky to call "Grandma." What a wonderful Christian example my Grandma Lucy has always been! She is one of those rare jewels you find that has all of the qualities you can only hope got passed down! She is selfless, thoughtful, devoted, creative, witty, funny, silly, serious, hard-working, dependable, supportive, persistent, driven, generous, caring, loving, genuine, and so much more!!! But one of the things that sticks out, is her silent, yet sometimes found-out acts of giving to others. She is one of those people you know is a Christian because of her actions! LOVE that! I hope I can be more like her! Wow! What a lady!!

This beautiful 90 year old woman, who worked every day as the curator of the Old Town Museum in Elk City, OK, up until a month ago, loves Christmas more than anyone I know! She has a HUGE, museum-worthy collection of snowmen, gives every family member a Christmas stocking and gifts, decorates her house inside and out, and has always made amazing food and candies! We were able to celebrate with her in Elk City over the weekend and I cherished her expressions of contentment and joy, as she watched each of us open our stockings and gifts. I have never known anyone more happy than her to give and become so over-joyed by the recipients joy!

As a child I "worked" at the museum with her, was her "bed feller", cooked with her, watched her cook, she read to me, bought me special treats (Keebler chocolate dipped wafer cookies and chocolate dipped Oreos!!), drove me around town, wrote me letters, let me put lipstick and rouge on her (when I was really little), she "itched my back", went to church with her and really just acted as her shadow! She is definitely one of my very favorite people!!! She has taught me so much!

Today my prayers are for her as she suffers with terminal cancer. I pray and wish her only the peace and comfort that God can provide! Oh how I wish she could live on for fifty more years! I still have so much to learn from her! My little Mariah is a lucky little girl to share the name, Lucy, with her! I'm glad Grandma Lucy has been able to know her and share that sweet name!