Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Check this out!

Andrea of Lil Munckindoodle has done it again! Check out her new green sandwich bags! Too cute!! Crossing my fingers!!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week of Firsts


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quilts and 5 years!

I'm super excited that my quilt is finished!! Jane, the amazing quilt maker, has been so gracious in showing me (and Mandy) how to quilt! She has even held my crying baby for hours so that I could sew and she has been super patient with me and my lack of hand-sewing skills!! I had a great time and was surprised by how much fun quilt making is! Thank you SOOO much, Jane, for helping me make my very first quilt!

I tried to choose colors that would go with my house and M's room, so M could play on it and it wouldn't clash with the decor:) So, it turned out pretty whimsical, but I like it!
Here is the beautiful quilt that Jane made for our wedding 5 years ago! It is such a gorgeous quilt! LOVE it! She is definitely talented!

Lots of details and mushy stuff ahead!! This is obviously for my own personal record:)

May 8, 2004 I married the man of my dreams!! I can't believe tomorrow is our 5th anniversary!! Life has flown by and has been really pretty crazy in such a short time! In fact, I'll outline a little bit for you for what we've done these past 5 years:

-I graduated from OC
-lived in the OC apartments (thankfully only May-December!)
-my brother got married a few months later
-lived in an apartment in Yukon
-I lost my grandfather
-Josh worked as a minister in Yukon
-I worked as a teacher in Yukon
-started trying for a family, got pregnant and had a miscarriage (eventually did fertility treatments)
-bought a house in OKC
-Josh worked for my dad while finishing grad school at OC
-got my first niece (another one soon!!)
-I taught at Sonshine School at Edmond C of C
-Josh got accepted to do doctoral work in Fort Worth
-I interviewed for teaching jobs in TX
-Put our house on the market (came REALLY close to selling it)
-Josh graduated with his MDiv
-Josh got a ministry job at Memorial Road C of C (if I'm not mistaken, he was hired on our 4th anniversary or at least soon after)
-I started teaching at Sonshine School at MRCC
-got trained to be foster parents
-Josh lost his grandfather
-currently in the process of adopting our foster baby
-possibly having another foster child on the way!

I'm sure I've left out some other big milestones from the past five years, but it's obviously been full of ups, downs, and surprises! God has blessed our lives and our marriage! I can't think of anyone I'd rather be on this journey with, than Josh! He is an incredible husband, father and man! He is the most selfless, calm, and thoughtful guy and I feel truly grateful to get to be with my best friend every day! Thank you for 5 amazing years, Josh!!!