Friday, June 26, 2009

Past Week Happenings

We've had a super busy past 2 weeks, but they have great! Josh has been working hard every day/night with VBS this year! He (and the TONS of others) did a SUPER job!!! It's over now, so I get my man back! It was lots of fun and I think the kids enjoyed it! I had the toddler group and they were super cute. Several of them were from my Sonshine School class this year, so it was fun seeing them again. Ya Ya came up and stayed a few mornings to play with M during VBS...I'm sure she didn't get spoiled a bit;)

We had a brief first Father's Day for Josh, but will do the majority of celebrating tomorrow, now that VBS is over. I am so thankful that M has Josh as a father! You can tell she loves him so much! She loves listening to him play guitar every night, giving him "fist bumps," sitting on his lap while he's on the computer, playing keyboard with him, giving him hugs and kisses and she gets SO excited when he gets home from work! I think that's her favorite part of the day! Whenever I say "Dada's home," she immediately looks at the garage door and gets excited! She is an even happier child once Josh gets home. Thank you, Josh for loving our daughter so much, for being so selfless, for joining me on our crazy journey to parenthood, for making M laugh out loud, and for being such a devoted father to our little girl!!! She is so blessed to have you as her father!

We had some good visits with friends, I did several sewing projects instead of cleaning house, had several raspberry (new flavor for me) snocones, drank too many Sonic vanilla Cokes, ate too many chips with onion dip, took several naps (a rarity), left lots of chores undone, and I didn't cook dinner at all this week. I literally told Josh every night to go to the freezer and pick out which Lean Cuisine he wanted and I'd "cook" it for him....bless his heart! Aren't I a great wife?!? VBS + 100 degree weather=microwave only! I did, however make Pioneer Woman's peanut butter pie! It is really good! I made it in a ready-made crust and today I added mini chocolate chips all over the top, which made it even better!

Last night we had a great time meeting some new friends through the Kaleidoscope Kids transracial playgroup! We met at a spray park that is literally 3 minutes from our house (had my house been clean, I would have invited them over:)) and had such a fun time! I enjoyed talking to the moms and seeing the precious kiddos! This is such a great idea and is obviously great for me right now, but will definitely be great for M in the future!

The rest of the weekend consists of our Father's Day celebration for Josh, Book Club for me, and Nan Nan keeping M, so Josh can have a night off while I'm away at Book Club!

This coming week we have our last week of swimming lessons for M. She has done so well and I look forward to seeing her swim these last 2 times! We also have our annual family Fourth of July cookout/pool party here on Friday and Saturday! It should be a fun weekend of celebrating!

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Lesley said...

a spray park by your house?? so fun! you all are so awesome, what a sweet family you all are! and VBS was great!!

Molly said...

Loved getting to actually meet you all! Love those bandana dresses. I should seriously make some for little miss! Wouldn't those two look adorable hanging out together in their dresses!?!?

Have a great weekend!

Aubrey said...

Molly, the girls would look super cute in their dresses!! How fun! Let me know if you decide to make them! I had to alter it a bit to make it small enough for M. Since our girls are the same size, I can get you the measurements.

Bethany said...

Hello, I used to check out your blog occasionally for your yummy recipes. I hadn't in a long time but clicked on you through Dara's blog roll. I got a little caught up on your situation with M and am so happy for you and your husband. I wanted to share a blog that you might be interested in. This is a blog friend of mine who has five children adopted through foster care., click on "how we came to be" at the top. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Ya-Ya is always ready to play with M. I love all your projects and handiwork and tell everyone that my daughter-in-law is so talented! The peanut butter pie was so yummy!


Melodie said...

so fun to meet your family last week. looking forward to the next time.