Wednesday, June 17, 2009

M is growing up AND guest bathroom makeover!

Our baby girl is growing up so fast!! The past week has been filled with lots of fun new things it's all happened just suddenly! Lately, every day is bringing something new!

-She started crawling on Sunday, but isn't a big fan. She'll crawl a little bit and then decide it's not worth it and roll over.
-She got her first tooth! Thankfully, without any issues at all!!!
-She has started saying ut-dat and pointing...meaning "what's that"
-She can say duck, Dadda, Momma, Bye, she said NanNan and PaPa today for the first time
-She loves to give kisses and hugs while saying mmmmuh and can do it on command
-Waves, especially bye-bye
-Nods her head yes and shakes her head no
-Gives fist bumps
-Feeds herself well...she loves black beans and pretty much every other food
-Loves opening and closing doors, turning on and off lights, etc.
-Loves to give all of her babies (and real life baby friends) hugs and kisses, saying mmmmuh
-Squeals REALLY loud and high and then shakes her head no, because she knows she's not supposed to do that!
-Likes standing against things, but refuses to pull herself up yet.
-Loves swimming and started her swimming lessons last week! She doesn't mind getting her face wet.

She is really making us laugh and we're having a blast with her! She's got quite the little personality, that's for sure!

This past weekend we did a total bathroom makeover for our guest bathroom! Josh worked really hard and did a great job!!
We moved in to our house 3 years ago and almost every room had been updated. The guest bathroom had a new light fixture, mirror and paint treatment, but the cabinets were still the ugly original 1970s wood and all of the accents were gold...not really my color. So, it was always kind of the catch all for random decor. We decided it definitely was time for a makeover and our leftover Asparagus paint from the dining room would make the perfect wall color! I wanted something cheery, fresh and different! I love the way it turned out! Josh spent a LOT of time working in there on the new faucet (thanks, previous owners for the 2 toothbrushes that were stuck down the drain), installing the hardware, etc. Three days later, it looks like a new room and is finally updated! I really wish the pictures would do it justice!

Here are the changes we made:
-Painted woodwork black
-Added new brushed nickel hardware to cabinets
-Installed new brushed nickel faucet
-Installed new light fixture
-Painted the previously gold mirror black
-Painted the walls Asparagus
-Made a new curtain for the window
-Installed brushed nickel toilet paper holder
-Moved random accessories from other rooms of the house in there!

Bathroom Before
Bathroom After (green is softer than pictured...gotta love lighting!)

New light fixture
New Faucet
Once the towel bar was removed, we were able to bring this in from the dining room.
New curtain

After (with shower curtain open....lovely toys and duck tub:))



Elizabeth Mullins said...

Wow! Looks great!

Mariah said...

That looks great!! You did an awesome job!!

sara's art house said...

The bathroom looks great!

HaleyP said...

Love it so much! I love black cabinets!! And of course Miss M...precious as ever it sounds like!

Mandy said...

Wow! I can't wait to see it in person! I absolutely love the black cabinets and new hardware!

Holly said...

The bathroom looks great!

Aubrie said...

Love it! I have been thinking of painting my cabinets black but wasn't sure. Now I think I will!

Lesley said...

you are amazing!! looks great!

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Anonymous said...

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kitchen cabinet said...

Wonderful jobs with make list and procedure.

Clint and Marilyn said...

The bathroom looks SO good! I love the black!