Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bandanna Dresses

Just for fun, I got some bandannas when they were 30% off a few weeks ago, thinking I would try to make M some bandanna dresses. I found a great tutorial on Trey and Lucy (great ideas throughout the whole blog, by the way!!) and they were super fast and easy! I was able to get the ribbon 50% off today, so that was perfect! Basically it costs less than $4 per dress and you have enough ribbon left to make a matching hairbow:) I plan on making a July 4th one and a birthday one. M will have a Polka Dot Pool Party in August with hot pink, lime green and orange, so the ribbon and bandannas I found for that will be perfect!

On the July 4th one I plan on taking it up a little so it will actually fit my little girl! The great thing is that she can wear the black and white one for a few years!



Michael and Katie said...

I LOVE it! You need to teach me how to do that. :)

Melodie said...

the dresses are so cute. i am so not good with the sewing machine. so cute!

bandshayes said...

M is so cute. I love those little dresses. You are so talented Aubrey.

Jeny said...

months after this post I am finally making one too! I got the pink dot bandanna too! I had a hard time picking out the ribbon. I decided on black with white paisley.