Monday, July 28, 2008

TV Stand Makeover


This TV stand was a wedding gift that we registered for and it has been great! However, 4 years later, it's not really my style. So, I decided it needed a makeover! A few things that have been bugging me about it: looks cluttered, buttons to accessible for curious little ones, hard lines, kinda blah.

So, I purchased 4 sheets of scrapbook paper and some fabric at Hobby Lobby....

I taped the scrapbook paper onto the glass doors, so it's not too permanent! Sewed a little curtain out of that fabulous (and cheap) fabric!!

And VOILA! A fun and whimsical TV stand!



shannah said...

Aubrey you are so talented. I love all the new little things you are doing to your house to make it OUTSTANDING. I just love your house. It's so cute.
I miss you tons. We still need to get together to hang out very very soon please.

Summer Lashley said...

OK, that is soooo adorable. You are a genius.

Lacy said...

That makes such a difference! I love black and red so much! I have enjoyed looking at your blog. I found you through tip junkie! I will be back for sure.

Mandy said...

I love that fabric, come over and make my house look good!