Monday, July 7, 2008


After a long week of VBS every night, I knew I wouldn't have time to bake for the 4th of July weekend, nor would I want a hot kitchen. So, here is what we had.....

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

1 package ice cream sandwiches (pkg of 12)
1 container of frozen whipped topping, thawed (aka Cool Whip)
1 Butterfinger, crushed

Line an 8x8 baking dish with 6 of the sandwiches, cutting to fit as necessary. Spread on half of the Cool Whip. Layer the remaining 6 sandiches. Spread on remaining Cool Whip and sprinkle the Butterfinger. Freeze for 2 hours, slice and serve.

Super simple and yummy!!



Brenna said...

HI! I am Angie Pittman's daughter. Just in case you didn't know lol. I heard y'all were doing foster care too!!!! We started last saturday and will end the 19th!! WE CAN'T WAIT!! We are doing 0-3, we will take 2, and we will take a sibling group of 3 (we are crazy lol) and we do plan on adopting!! let me know what y'alls plans are!!

Megan said...

That looks so yummy! Good idea :)