Sunday, July 13, 2008

Highlights of the past few weeks in pictures and a few blurbs

July 4th pool party at our house....these are the only pics I have. I completely forgot to take pics of the fun activities of the day!

Painting Josh's office~Josh's office was originally a slate blue type of color. This is the walls with the primer.

Josh busy painting. We stayed up one night until 1am painting!

The finished color! Mocha Accent
I will take pictures of the "final product" of Josh's office complete with furniture. I'll post them soon!

Lots of business painting lately!

Added soft lime green accents throughout living and dining areas

Over the past several weeks, we also had 2 weeks of VBS, the Matt Stansberry Band concert, dinner with friends, and a fun weekend trip to Dallas! It has been busy, but very fun!
Saturday we finished our first block of the 27 hours of training that we will be doing over the next 5 weeks to become foster parents! We are going to be fostering infants through Oklahoma Christian Services. We are super excited to start!
Josh's parents brought down Josh's old baby crib last week for us to use with our foster babies. We are going to put on a fresh coat of white paint and it will be ready to go! A few weeks ago I found some fun polkadot and gingham bedding at Ikea that will be cute and gender neutral! I'm excited to start putting the room together over the next several weeks!


3 comments: said...

foster parents?! how wonderful! I can't wait to hear more about your process and the adventure you have doing it. What a blessing it will be for both parties involved. I'm so excited for you guys! And infants... how fun!!! I know God will do wonderful things for you all!

Tianna said...

Wow!! Your home looks so pretty... Lovely decoration!!

Aubrie said...

That is so great that you and Josh are going to host foster babies! You guys are wonderful!