Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trial and Success!

I've fallen in love with iced coffee this summer! However, I don't like the price tag (even at McDonald's) or the gas$ it takes to get one! Plus, some days it's more fun to work in PJs until noon!!

Today I decided to try to make my own iced coffee with what I had on hand. If you've read this blog even once, you know that I like things done easily, cheap and fast!! I am, as the Nester (fabulous blog, btw) says, a "lazy perfectionist". I LOVE that term! It describes me perfectly!!

Fat-Free Vanilla Caramel Iced Coffee-1 serving
3 c. water
5 heaping Tbsp coffee (I use Target's Market Pantry Classic Roast Ground Coffee)
Liquid Coffee Creamer (I use Coffee Mate's Fat-Free Vanilla Caramel Creamer)

-Brew strong coffee, using the 3 c. of water and 5 Tbsp. coffee. Adjust as necessary for desired strength. However, for iced coffee, the stronger, the better!
-Fill a tall glass with ice
-Fill the glass with 1 part creamer to 2 parts coffee
-Stir and sip to your heart's content!!

Mix it up with different creamers! I accidentally purchased fat-free. I prefer the full-fat stuff, but now I can brag to myself that I'm drinking a fat-free coffee drink that I actually like! Josh came home from work and I made him try it. He liked it, but definitely thought it was strong!

It should get me through the rest of my afternoon work!



Audrey said...

That sounds yummy! I am loving iced coffee this summer also, but, I can't seem to make it taste as good as McDonalds or Starbucks. Maybe I need to make my coffee stronger. I'll try it.

Sarah said...

Aubrey, I found this blog that might be helpful as you master your recipe!

Aubrey said...

Thanks, Sarah!

Kristin said...

I'm definitely going to try this!