Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun Weekend!

Today was my dad's birthday! We (Mom, Matt, Mandy, Viv, me and Josh) had a little surprise party for him at church during LTC chorus practice that my parents direct. I think he was surprised!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Tonight, along with my dad's birthday celebration, was our annual Oscar party!! My dad always goes way-out and makes it such a special must-attend event! He dresses up in his tux and decorates the upstairs for the occasion! This year we had a giant Oscar and other fun stuff! We fill out ballots each year and the winner receives a nice prize!
This year, my brother and sister-in-law decided to show up in there Oscar attire just for fun! It was really cute!! Vivian got all dressed up for the Oscars, too! And, I must say, that I (actually Josh) won this year!! Josh did all of the research and gave me the answers (thanks, honey!)! We usually share answers so that we have a better chance of winning!
It was a great evening with family!!


Kara Scharrer said...

Aubs, you have the cutest, coolest family! I've never heard of your dad's Oscar party before, but that's awesome!! You all look so happy! Congrats on winning, by the way! And congrats to you and Josh on the big news 2008! I'm so extremely happy for you both.

shannah said...

Your family is so cute. I love it. All the little traditions are way to fun.

Anonymous said...

how fun! and congrats to Josh! (who likely couldn't have done it without his supportive wife either! ;) said...

You're parents are officially the cutest parents EVER! Tuxes? so fun! Tell them I like their style ok?! And CONGRATS On the acceptance to school Josh! We're going to miss the dickens out of yas! It was a lot of fun visiting with you on Saturday... we need to do it more!