Monday, February 4, 2008

Birthday Weekend!

New red bowls:

I thought this was funny:

Just a few days ago I was on the brink of a quarter-life-crisis! NO JOKE! I was seriously depressed about being 25 and having expectations for myself not met. Of couse I have a LOT of positives in my life, including my husband, family, house, job, etc. But, I still have things that I had hoped to have accomplished by 25.

Anyway, my birthday weekend definitely made up for it! Josh took me to Texas (I'm not telling's not very well known and I'd love it to stay that way!) and we had a GREAT time shopping at the stores that surrounded our fun hotel, going to a movie, eating pizza, mexican food, gelato, ETC!!! Everything was within walking distance and was so fun. The weather was perfect and it made for an incredible getaway!
Saturday, on my birthday day, Josh told me that he thought we should eat at Mi Cocina for lunch around noon, because he had a surprise for me after lunch. So, after shopping for a bit, we walked into the restaurant and instead of asking for a table for two, Josh mentioned to the hostess that we had a room reserved. I looked back where she was pointing, and I saw my parents, my aunt and uncle and cousins sitting at a table singing "happy birthday", taking pictures and crying:) I was TOTALLY shocked! My parents told me they were going to be in Tulsa for the weekend and that they were worried about the snow up there for their travels. Little did I know that they had been in Texas since Thursday! It made for a very fun surprise!!!
Josh gave me money to go shopping with, so I found some great things! I got a cute sweater, sunglasses, red bowls (I had been eyeing at Anthropologie for a while), a fondue set, black and white kitchen towels, a basting brush (I've been needing one!), and bath gel. He also surprised me once again with a trip to the spa across the street from our hotel for a massage and manicure! It was a really nice spa and so relaxing!!

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend or husband!!! Thank you, Josh for the FABULOUS birthday! I'm not quite as depressed about 25 anymore! It was nice to get out of town and have a relaxing weekend with you!
Thank you also to my parents for driving down to Texas to surprise me for my birthday and to my aunt, uncle and cousins that drove up! It was so fun to see everyone and celebrate!
I have had a card table in the kitchen stacked with baskets of craft supplies and it has been driving me crazy!! I was planning on using birthday money to buy a small book case and use square baskets to hold all of my supplies, but I didn't want to spend the money. So I took Josh's old dresser, from when he was a kid, and put my supplies in the drawers. Now they're out of site but easily accessible since it's in my kitchen. I used one of the cute kitchen towels that I got at Crate and Barrell this weekend on the top. Nothing fancy, but it's defintely functional and FREE!!!


Elizabeth said...

Getting older can be a little depressing, but it's also nice to be old enough to be able to afford nice getaway weekends. Happy Belated Bday!

Dara said...

I am constantly amazed by your organization. You do more in a day then I do in 2 weeks.

sike-o said...

I understand your "freakout" at 25 I did the same thing at 25 and again at 30. There were MANY things I had not accomplished at 30 that I thought were out of my reach. But, got my degree at 30, started dating Jonas at 30, Married at 31, mommy at 33! I'm praying your hearts desire will be granted this year!!! Happy Belated Birthday!

sike-o said...

My, my my....if I could only have your organizational skills.... Want to come up to school and organize files?? hahah!
I totally understand your "freakout". I did the same at 25 and again at 30. I had yet to accomplish so much and thought many things were out of reach...then, got my degree at 30, job at 30, started dating Jonas at 30, married at 31...mommy at 33. I'm praying your heart's desire is granted this year! Happy belated bday Aubrey!!!

Kara Scharrer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't believe that I forgot. I'm a horrible friend. I'm really glad that you had a great time. I love the surprise of your family being there. How cute!

Emily said...

Hey! I'm related to some people in those pictures! What a fun, great birthday. 25 was a great year for me and I pray it will be for you also!

Aublog said...

Hi Aubrey, I found your blog from Dara. Your chicken recipes sound SO good. I'm going to try them!