Thursday, August 13, 2009

Past Several Days Randomness

I'm really starting to have to get creative with blog-appropriate photos!
Fun at the spray park with baby B.

Her new favorite stance.

We have had a wonderful past week!!

Over the weekend we went to Wichita Falls to visit Josh's family. We drove down to Fort Worth on Saturday, since my MIL bought tickets for us (me and her) to see Legally Blonde at Bass Hall! It was a fun and very engaging show!! THANKS, Pam! We also got to see Josh's grandmother on our way back to Wichita Falls and see all of her fun house updates she's been working on!

M had an appointment yesterday and she weighs 18lbs 1oz and is 28" long. Looks like she will be rear-facing for quite a while more! She turns ONE a week from Saturday (the 22nd)!! I REALLY can't believe my baby is growing up so quickly! She is so much fun! She's got quite the quirky personality and I just love it! She started cruising on Monday and has really been on the move! I've been working on her polka dot pool party and getting her dress made, etc.. We're having our families up to celebrate next Saturday! Her adoption is taking longer than expected. We haven't been given an update with any potential timeline, but it is looking like late September or sometime in October. It's taking a while, but the good thing is that we have her and that's all that we really care about! However, we are looking forward to having everything finalized and having a huge Gotcha Day party in the near future!!

Yesterday me and M went and saw Viv and Vi. They are just too cute!! Mandy gave me tons of 12-18 month clothes for M to borrow...THANKS!! I've been sorting through them today! After seeing the girls, my mom took me for a deluxe pedicure! It was THE best pedicure I've ever had (not that I've had very many, but still it really was the best!!)!! THANKS, Mom!! Then, we went and had a fun lunch!

Today we had a playdate at the spray park and stayed for just a bit. M seemed to enjoy herself!!

I am excited to be writing over at an adoption blog twice a month on foster/adopt types of things! I'm thrilled to have an outlet for all my detailed, nitty-gritty, TMI foster/adoption info! For those who wish to follow, I will be posting the links soon!