Saturday, August 22, 2009

M's 1st B-day Sneak Peek!

Here are just a few pics from M's big day today! Her Polka Dot Pool Party was a blast! I will share more pics later, but I'm just too tired at the moment to weed through all of them. We had a GREAT day today!! Thank you to all of our family for making M's day so much fun and so special!!! She loved every bit of it and enjoyed loving on everyone!! Yay for new toys, clothes, shoes, books, DVDs, carseat, etc.....THANK YOU!!!!!



Elizabeth Mullins said...

What a perfectly decorated party! Yeah for M! Thanks again for Mr. Hayden's gift. I accidentally set it off during church...twice!

ann said...

Yay! Happy birthday M! :)

Stephe said...

Cute Decoration!!!