Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One year ago

One year ago, today, we put our house on the market. Our plans on April 1, 2008 were to sell our house, move to Fort Worth, TX, start a new 2nd grade teaching job in Mansfield, TX, start Josh on his doctorate at Brite, live in an apartment, etc!

A year ago we had a storage facility full of boxes of things ready for the big move. We had our house completely spotless and cleared of all the personal items (photos, etc.). We had resumes sent out, interviews scheduled, lists of properties to check out, packing lists compiled, and more!

Towards the end of the month, we would get an offer on our house. We would also have a possible OKC ministry job opportunity in the works. I can remember the major anxiety of last spring! I remember waiting to hear back by 6pm for the counter-offer on our home. I remember praying so hard that we would be able to pull our home off the market and get to stay in town. I remember 6pm on that Wednesday night rolling around, and the counter-offer not making the deadline! I remember joyfully pulling our home off of the market, trusting that God had plans for us to not make the move after all!

Last year was filled with SO many emotions! I really wanted Josh to fulfill his dream of getting his doctorate, but was also filled with so much hesitation. I knew this move would mean going back to full-time teaching, which I dreaded. I knew it meant not spending as much time together because of work and studying commitments. I knew that the 2+ years of trying for a baby would have to come to a halt, because fertility treatments would be too expensive and too time consuming to do while teaching. I feared being away from friends and family, too.

God taught me last year to TRULY trust him and HIS plan. I have always been a huge planner. I like to know at least a week in advance what I'm doing the following week. I like lists, long-term plans, short-term plans, and more. Last spring, God taught me that I am NOT in control. I think I thought I was. But, I was humbled and He showed me that His plan is much better than my own. It's sad that it took so many tears, so much anxiety and so many crazy events to teach me to trust Him. But, it worked.

Now, one year later, I have tears writing this, know that God is SO amazing and faithful! His plans exceed any that I could ever dream up! I now hold true to this verse: The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Because of God's plan, we have been blessed this year with....

-Josh's wonderful new ministry job at MRCC
-My Sonshine School job at MRCC
-Joining a new church family
-Staying in our home
-Staying close to family and friends
-Becoming foster parents (earlier on in life than expected)
-And best of all.....being able to adopt our precious daughter (to-be), baby M (can't wait to share REAL pics of M and share her name!)!!! To think that we would not have her, had we moved, makes me so sad!

I hope I can continue to reflect on these blessings each day and remember that God's plans are of utmost importance! He has brought us to a wonderful place in our lives. For that, we are truly grateful!


Andrea said...

God is so amazing. I feel blessed to have gotten to know you!

vivian said...

When He blessed you we all got the trickle down blessing.
I love that effect.

Jessica said...

God answered a lot of our prayers by keeping you guys here. I teared up reading this post, because I'm so thankful you guys are here and I'm so thankful you got the chance to be M's parents.

It's a beautiful life, isn't it? Brings new meaning to "let go and let God".

Kara Scharrer said...

Aubs, I loved reading this post. Even though I'm bawling like a little baby (happy tears!), I really enjoyed you sharing your story and letting us all be apart of it in this way. I am super excited to see pictures of M! :) Love you!

Janell said...

Okay Aubrey, you made me cry at work! I'm so glad that we went through the foster parenting classes together and now we share the bond of fostering. I love it and think it is so much better because we can share our experiences with you guys and Ann. We are so, so happy for you, Josh and baby M!!

Emily said...

One of the greatest blessings in life in hindsight. Being able to look back on a situation and see God through everything that was going on. He is everywhere and in everything. Who knew at the time you would also have your prayers to be a mama answered in a such a cool way?!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Thank you for this post...I really needed to read that verse today...I have been trying to control too much of my life and I need to let God direct my paths...I too am thankful for getting to know you more and having you and Josh in our small group!

Lesley said...

Aubrey, thank you for reminding me that God is in control and that He has a plan for each of us.

bandshayes said...

I teared up as well. I am so happy God's plan was the perfect plan. He is Amazing. I love that M is blessed so much by His plan too.
Love you guys.

Allison said...

great thoughts. I had to comment about how I just blogged about this exact same thing a couple days ago and I also found it so refreshing to see God's hand in our lives this past year. May he be praised!

Alyssa said...

Love your thoughts today. Thank you for sharing how God has worked in your lives. I am so glad you are here at SSS and at church with us. We are blessed to know you, Josh and Baby M!!

ann said...

So so happy for you two. Can't wait to see pics of your sweet daughter's face!

Laura said...

Aubrey, I am so glad this year has been a good year for you! I remember all the emotions you were going through last year and I probably didn't realize everything going on. I am so happy for you!