Friday, March 27, 2009

Dining room and other projects

Quilt fabrics for the quilt I will be making with Mandy and Jane! I hope M likes it!! I'm loving the vibrant colors that will work in M's room and the living room for playtime!

Home office wall art! I had been searching for inexpensive art with turquoise and black, but came up empty-handed! So, I tried my hand at the embroidery hoop method I have seen several places online. SUPER easy and cheap! All you need is fabric, scissors, hoops and a glue gun. It totally works with the whole modern/mod vibe we went with in this room.
Before: a few things had already been removed from the room, but it was still really blah

After! I went bold with the wall color, but after a few days of shock, I love it! It is so happy and makes everything pop! It really makes the crown molding pop, too! My dining, living and kitchen all tie together well, now!

view into kitchen
view into entry
view into living room (obviously there is no overhead lighting in there!!)

No-sew curtains: 3 yards toile + 1/2 yard houndstooth check (used iron-on hem tape for the bottom of the houndstooth check and just clipped the rest to the rings!) EASY!!! I cheated and didn't even hem the rest of it!



Elizabeth Mullins said...

You amaze me!

Kayla said...

You all and quilts. You have almost inspired me to finish Wes and I's tshirts from college quilt. We made Avery quilts before she was born but its been so long I'm nervous i've forgotten!

Alyssa said...

Very nice. Love it!

Mandy said...

Everything turned out really great! I love the curtains!

Andrea said...

Looks wonderful! GREAT job!

The Davidsons said...

Very impressed! I hire you!

sara's art house said...

looks great! love the curtains.

Anonymous said...

Love it on the BLOG and Loved it when I saw it!! FABULOUS!!!!

Love, MOM