Friday, August 1, 2008

Sewing and stalling

I have been stalling from doing the things I should be doing: laundry, dishes, cleaning house, cooking, etc. and SEWING!! I'm actually really enjoying it! Sadly, pretty much the only thing I know how to sew is curtains (although I did make 2 pillows for our bed!). So, I've been skirting lots of bookcases and redoing curtains lately. Here are the rest of this week's projects:

Before pic of my paints in the kitchen:After:I loved this fabric so much, the leftovers needed to find a home in my living room!Do you recognize this fabric? I bought 11/2 yds and used it for the TV stand, this bathroom curtain and for a runner on a table in the living room! Not bad for $9.

Bandana apron-I found this cute zebra apron and thought it would be super cute with hot pink ribbon and a zigzag stitch!



T. L. Cole said...

Hey Aub,

So you all are staying in OK? I thought you had moved, then I saw these picks and was like "that looks familar!"

So is he able to take the classes on-line or did you all decide not to go?

You stuff looks fabulous! I love reading your blog : )