Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back from my month-long sabbatical!

Josh and his family after graduation.
Me and Josh at baccalaureate lunch

Yummy Chocolate Cupcakes!

Viv and Josh

Me and Viv

This past month I've had an unintentional blogging sabbatical! Feeling overwhelmed and uninspired, I didn't feel the need to post. But, I'm back at least for tonight with my usual random ramblings!

This has been a nice, fun and relaxing weekend! Friday night started out with book club and was lots of fun!! Jessica had great bread bowl soup, salad, chocolate cake and more! We had fun chatting and laughing! Great times!!

Saturday I slept in a bit, had a matinee movie date with Josh and came home to babysit precious Viv for the night! She is getting so big and is a blast! I also baked these yummy chocolate cupcakes. These were my first attempt at made from scratch chocolate cupcakes. I have been wanting to bake them for a while and finally had all of the ingredients! They turned out really tasty!

Today I went to church and spent the day with my mom. It was nice to just relax and hang-out! It has been a completely lazy day for me!!

I am excited that Josh and I get to celebrate our 4th anniversary on Thursday! I can't believe it's already been four years, yet I truly don't remember what life was like without him! He's wonderful!

Here are a few things that have occurred in the past month:
-house went on the market April 1st
-2 trips to Fort Worth
-1 job interview (teaching job)/job search
-Josh graduated from OC with his masters....CONGRATS!!!!
-Sonshine School program...the kids were so cute!
-lots of cleaning
-a HUGE lack of cooking
-tons of painting for my business as my products were purchased for a boutique in Georgia
-keeping cute babies!!

Of course there were the usual day to day things, too! Hopefully my sabbatical is over for a while!
I actually plan on cooking this week and I am excited!! I miss it!! Maybe I'll post some recipes or pics or something!