Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Diet!

In case you're wondering why I haven't posted recipes/menus in a while, here's the reason:

Sunday night-Taco Bell

Monday night-Long John Silver's

Tuesday night-Josh had a dinner meeting and I had frozen blueberry waffles THEN had a 12am run to Taco Cabana for a late night dinner with the hubby!

Wednesday-Chili's via a gift card:)

Tonight-Josh is at a dinner meeting, so my dinner consists of chips and salsa, dill okra and oatmeal....this is why I'm not single! I don't think I'd survive!

Welcome to the "selling our house diet"! I will hopefully be caught up enough on everything to start cooking by this weekend! Our arteries are CLOGGING!! Wow! What a wonderful wife I am!!!


Emily said...

Now that's MY kind of cooking! said...

Funny stuff! Yes, we got to see Josh at the Grad meeting on Tues! It was good to see him! He said the house is now officially on the market!! Woop woop!!!