Monday, March 31, 2008

I've got the pictures to prove it!

Before: After:


For those of you who know me, you will know that the following things from this weekend almost gave me a panic attack:

-PILES of clothes on the bed
-Cluttered countertops
-A dusty, dirty house
-YARD WORK....I HATE being outside!!!
-Digging in the dirt
-Cleaning out the garage

That just about it sums it up! The piles on our bed were so terrible and we were so exhausted Saturday night, that we actually slept on an air mattress in the office! That's pretty sad! Our house goes on the market tomorrow, yes on April Fool's Day! But, it's no joke! We've been working all weekend to get the yard done and a few minor repairs made. It is coming together! We have worked non-stop all weekend.

Here's a big shocker for those of you who know me well: we actually went to early service on Sunday!! No, not because we got in bed early the night before or because we love getting up early, but because we had a FULL day of house projects! We were even early! It was so nice to have an entire day to work (and to have a nap:)).
I am happy to say, that our house will be ready to go tomorrow! If you know someone who is looking for a move-in ready home WITH a pool, send them our way!!
On a totally unrelated note, here are a few of my favorite things.....

-Real Simple's Last Minute Lasagna...yum! I'll post the recipe later (aka-in a few days or weeks) with my variations.
-Glade's carpet powder in Clean Linen
-Method cleaning products---especially the shower cleaner and all purpose lavender cleaner
-Pulp-free OJ, I usually buy the Market Pantry kind
-Rosemary and Garlic Triscuits
-Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (they do wonders for tile grout!)
-Kashi GoLean Blueberry Waffles w/Market Pantry Light Syrup (I like this one because there is no aspartame)
Now back to the laundry, which did NOT make my "favorite things" list!


Dara said...

Your before pictures always look strangely like my house. Except better. Hopefully Aidan will be well enough to come see you on Friday. She misses you!

Jessica said...

Your house on a bad day can beat most houses on a good day!

I want to see the yard work completed...can't believe it til I see it!

Emily said...

Ummmm...can you come to my house next?
Jessica introduced me to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it's now my favorite thing EVER. Yesterday I tried the new ones that smell like febreeze and I loved it.

shannah said...

I'm so proud for you and Josh. I know it takes a lot of work to sell a house. Looks great.