Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

1st up-Random tid bit for ya: The pic above was taken in front of the Pilgrim's Pride chicken factory, on the way home from Gran's. Is it just me or is that a little egotistical to have a HUGE figure of your FACE right off the highway. I got a huge kick out of that! It actually has picnic tables for the employees to eat lunch under. This shows them who's boss! See the person under there, seriously, it's really THAT huge! HAHA!

Long time, no blog! I know! Things have been crazy, but fun around here! I had Spring Break this past week, so I visited Gran last weekend. Josh was at a conference in Dallas, so I drove down to East Texas with my parents. It was a fun trip with lots of GREAT food and family fun! It was a catch up week for me on cleaning house, running errands, etc. I also got to do a shopping day with my mom, which was fun! I did lots of painting this week and got several orders shipped out. So, that has kept me extra busy! Yesterday, Josh and I drove to Tulsa for a daytrip to just shop, eat and be together. We both knew that if we stayed in town, we would want to start working on house repairs and we really just needed some time to ourselves. So, that made for a great Friday! Today I'm painting and baking! My 2 FAVORITE things! I'm planning on making homemade tortillas tonight and using those for quesadillas, as well as making some chocolate cupcakes from scratch! If I follow through, I'll take some pics! I do have to say that I've never made cupcakes from scratch and I really haven't made cupcakes in years (oh yeah, except for Emily's shower:))! So, this could get interesting!

Easter tomorrow will consist of church, eating lunch at Mom and Dad's and watching the LTC kids perform tomorrow night! Boy do I miss those egg hunts!

Happy Easter to all!


Emily said...

...And they were good cupcakes might I add. Have you ever made homemade tortillas before? I find it very difficult to get them to stretch out properly so I just buy the dough at the store that is already rolled out and it is really good. In fact I'm making quesadillas this week too! Let me know how the tortilla making goes.

Aubrey said...

Did I mention that those cupcakes were from a box...I actually wasn't too impressed with them:(

The dough actually did better this time and was really easy. I made some with my class at school and I had refrigerated the dough overnight-way too long! It would hardly stretch out at all. I've made homemade tortillas about 4 or 5 times now and I like it except for the burning flour! My house STILL smells like burnt flour! But, it was worth it! It made for some yummy quesadillas! I'll post the recipe in a few!