Thursday, February 11, 2010

January and February 2010

Happy Birthday, YaYa!!

We have been home all week long, trying to get Mariah well. She's had a high fever, cough, runny nose, diarrhea, etc! Yuck!! She has been pretty miserable all week! SO sad! I think, as of today, she's on the up swing! I'm ready for my little girl to feel happy again!

Look how miserable and pale she was yesterday!

We got Mariah a big pink "baw" for an early V-day gift! She has been having fun rolling it around!

My sweet prayer group girls gave me a surprise bday party last week! Ashley made a yummy and cute pink cake! So fun! I just happened to have pink and green plates and napkins to match!

Mariah trying on Nan Nan's shades....she's one cool cat!
Outback dinner for my birthday!

My precious, thoughtful and amazing husband surprised me (and two of my besties) with a night at the Waterford Hotel last Friday night! The dads kept all of the kiddos and we ate TONS of food, talked into the wee hours of the morning (3am, to be exact) and did some fun shopping!! What a blast we had!! My husband is just awesome!! I got to the hotel early to relax, watch TV, read magazines and nap (hence the pic above:)). He also surprised me with a one-hour massage on my day off! SO nice!!

Haley and Mariah @ Cheesecake Factory for our Momcation! Super yummy food!!

Traditional birthday lunch at Cocina de Mino with Mom and Dad.
I caught Mariah rocking her baby and signing "baaa-beee, baaaa-beee". SO adorable!!! That was my old rocking chair, so it's so sweet to see her using it!
Mariah and her sweet friend, Brady, eating dinner together!
Admiring herself in her big-girl ponytail!
Mariah loves her baby dolls! She rocks, hugs, pats and feeds them so well!
Water color painting with Mommy. We've been having lots of fun with water colors, crayons, playdough, bubbles, dot markers, etc! I have a fun little crafting buddy! Love it!
In the snow after church with Daddy! My two VERY favorite people!!!!



Erin said...

I love Mariah's jacket in the last picture. That is too cute. And of course you would have matching plates. You are amazing. :)

Amy in Edmond said...

I hope Mariah gets to feeling better soon. We missed her in class Wed. night.

Kristy said...