Sunday, December 6, 2009


If you saw me with smudged makeup at church today, this is what kicked it off.....seeing my BABY in a CHAIR for Bible class!! Where has the time gone? I can't believe she is no longer sitting in the table in those little baby chairs. I definitely had a little emotional breakdown this morning over that, followed by sweet comments from friends about Mariah's adoption and how we have a "daughter" (tear), the precious video during service and then final singing of "There's a Stirring" while the whole church surrounded the ministers and elders. Such a sweet and emotional morning. It finally sunk in today that we really do get to keep Mariah forever! I was wondering when the tears would just start flowing...guess I got my answer!

By the way, Mariah's teacher said that she stayed in her chair the whole time...very impressive! I was actually a little nervous that she'd topple over!



Kayla said...

I love it when they play videos. That one was indeed a tear jerker.

Janell said...

I know, I was crying and thought I was going to loose control for a minute! Hard to sing "There's a Stirring" when you are trying not to sob loudly!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I was kind of shocked that our "babies" were big enough to be in that class already! I can't imagine what your emotions were like to know you have a daughter, but I can tell you how grateful Mariah will be to have you as parents!

Elizabeth said...

I totally get the chair thing. When they moved AJ up to the next room a couple months ago, I wondered where she was going to sit to eat breakfast and lunch. They told me at the table. I do believe I said, "Umm, like in the chairs? Won't she fall out?" Don't even get me started on just finding out from Jessica that they sleep on cots and not in cribs at naptime.

jenn b said...

I can't sin "There's a Stirring". I try but choke up every time so I just close my eyes and soak it in. Beautiful. I got emotional about the chairs too. It's one of those reminders like when they no longer have their own crib in the nursery.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a long time. I have been reading about your journey with Mariah and wanted to let you know how happy I am for you and Josh. Congratulations!! I love being able to see her sweet little face now in your pictures. I have a blog too. check it out sometime. I am a Mama too! Take care.
~Jen Hayden