Monday, January 5, 2009

Office Makeover on the Cheap

I have never been a huge fan of our home office. It's always been kinda blah, but we haven't wanted to invest a lot of money into it. In fact, when we needed new office desks, we were in search of a long table to seat both of us, but refused to pay hundreds of dollars. So, we went to Target and found their "wood" and "leather" card tables and put 2 of those together to give the appearance of a long desk. We also thought that would be good in the long run, because we might not always be able to have a home office. At some point, kids might kick us out!

Anyway, I was ready for a little punch of color and a new arrangement. This is what I came up with. Basically I just took our old curtain panels and sewed fabric on them and hung them near the ceiling. Used our old valances to curtain our desk to hide cords, etc., used leftover fabric to cover a pillow, got a small amount of fabric to cover our ottoman, used leftover fabric to make "artwork" and borrowed furniture from around the house. The only project I have left, so far, is to paint some canvases for the blank wall. I think I'll paint 3 of them and do turquoise, black, turquoise or something like that. I'll blog about it if I ever get to it.

It won't necessarily knock-your-socks-off, but it is a big improvement! (I'll post before pics if I can find them.)



A2ZTur-bus said...

Lets put you to the test...make MY big working desk look good!! Its a solid wood coffee table nailed to plain 4X4's that are tall with tall bar chairs to keep kids from getting my projects! It's too overwhelming for me! It's my "you might be a redneck table!!"

sara's art house said...

Love the office decor! The curtains look fabulous.

Ellie said...

The office decorations really add something to the office. It really looks great with it. Glad I have visited your site, it would definitely give me some great ideas on decorating my own office. Thanks for the share. Keep it up and more power.


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