Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tonight was my first night to be at home without some activity, etc. since Tuesday night at last week! It has been a busy time the past week with girls nights, church, a trip to Texas (post to come soon), etc! So I tackled a few projects that have been on my list! One project will be blogged about after Christmas. The picture above is of my first attempt to make a Christmas stocking. This one is for M! Josh and I have black Target stockings, so this will be a little different and add some pattern, plus it only cost about $3 max. to make! This is no where near perfect, but does the job! Sadly, the trim is a little uneven, but oh well! I wanted to get this done so that I can start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving, which is next week!!!! Crazy!!

The other pic is of M sitting in her new Bumbo (thanks Gene and Pam!) and watching her daddy play guitar! She LOVES watching Josh play! She pretty much does that every night!



Dara said...

Aww that reminds me of Aidan when she was tiny and had hair all over the place and would sit in her bumbo. M is sooo sweet.

bailey said...

she is too cute! A.J. is still adjusting to sitting in his bumbo, he's not quite sure about it

Kara Scharrer said...

That is so cute! She'll be a musician for sure!! :)

Tonya Tuggle said...

Your stocking is AWESOME. I just went out and bought material for 3 jumbo stockings and I am feeling it will take me such a long time to do finish. You have given me inspiration to start...buying material is always much more fun than completing the project!