Saturday, September 27, 2008


-We sold my car yesterday (finally!!)!! Now we have to look for a small SUV or a minivan! I want something family friendly and that won't hurt my back as much to get a carseat in and out of.

-M slept 5 hours straight last night!

-Josh and I got to clean house yesterday (we did the tag-team approach during M's 45 minute nap)!! It was getting so gross (Erin can vouch for me on this one!)!

-M is now 5 weeks old, 8 lbs 8oz and 191/2 in.

-We are going to Freshman Fanfare tonight! Josh and I try to make it each year whenever possible, because it brings back fond memories of September 2001, when we met during the show! Here we are 7 years later! My aunt, uncle and cousin are coming up, too, which should be fun!

-I feel like I'm finally beginning to get this "mom" thing down! I'm having so much fun and feel so blessed and content! I'm really starting to see how God's hand has guided our lives thus far. To think that 5 or 6 months ago we had our house on the market and were ready to move to TX is so crazy!! I thank God every day for guiding us to stay here in Edmond, blessing us both with great jobs and allowing us to help precious babies, like M. While the journey to where we are now hasn't been easy at all, I can truly see that God really does know what's best for us. While things like infertility have been so devastating the past 2 1/2 years, at this very moment, I can finally consider it a blessing, because now I get to love a baby, like M, who otherwise, I would have never known.

Have a blessed weekend!



Kara Scharrer said...

Holy cow, Aubs Daubs! Has it really been SEVEN years?! WE ARE SO OLD!!!!! I hope that you have fun at the show! Are you guys bringing M along too?

Aubrey said...

I know! I can't believe it! It seems like yesterday! Yes, we too M and she slept in the sling the whole time! She was perfect!

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear you so happy! Can't wait to meet her! Love, Amber

Angie said...

God will bless you greatly for what you are doing for these precious children. Hope you get to bring her to TX so we can meet her.

Hopefully Bren and John will get someone this week. They will have everything finally in by Monday or Tuesday. So I am ready to pack and go!!!!! :) Keep up the good work. God is great and God is good.

Vanover Adventures said...

YEA for all those things. We prayed for you and josh and precious M this morning at our staff meeting. I CAN NOT wait to meet her. I will call you this week and we can set it up!